Hogenakkal, the majestic waterfalls, is often called Cauvery by the populace of Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri districts, where it is situated. Whenever foreigners think of the comforts of having a healthy oil massage near the river bed, Hogenakkal will be the location which would linger in their minds. Hogenakkal is endearingly said to be the Niagara of India'.

Hogeakkal is surrounded by Melagiri Hills in the backdrops and 750 feet above sea level.The way to Hogenekkal falls is naturally endowed with beauteous Mulberry fields, titanic-sized Protector Deities (Aiyanars) made of terracotta, the gushig sound of river Cauvery and bountiful of vegetation. Travelling 46 kms from Hogenakkal one can reach Dharmapuri district and the mighty Hogenakkal shares its borders with Karnataka.The two Kannada words 'Hoge' means 'Smoke' and 'kal' means 'rocks' give meaning to the word Hogenakkal as Smoky Rocks.. Located around 150 kms from Banglore, the mind-bogging Hogenakkal is absolutely in the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. During rainy Seasons the lush green ambience of Hogenakkal presents a visual feast to the tourists pouring in. The unique sight of the tall trees mounting upon the small island-like mounds clustered with giant rocks on the way and the fiercely flowing river pounding upon it makes even the dull hearts go awe-stricken.

The river water is said to have some special powers as it travels through the forests filled with herbal plants and shrubs. It is quite stupendous to see the tender-aged boys showcasing their diving skills. They exhibit their diving skills for a mere Rs 5 from the spectators. The courageous young children dive from tall altitudes which seem to be much more surprising for the spectators watching along the way.