Activitics in Hogenakkal Waterfalls

The Hogenakkal Hamlet is located in the district of Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu. The basic modes of transport in Hogenakkal are via bus and foot.


The journey along the river in the coracle is a worth-cherishing experience for the visitors. The circular basket boats are enveloped in black color plastic sheets. The coracle ride through the river leaves the tourists with overwhelming joy and fear as the jumping and bouncing round–shaped boat makes the traveler feel as if the boat is going to capsize.

Oil Massage

Hogenakkal is much renowned for the oil massage rendered by local malishkarans who have the expertise in applying their massaging tricks in the fourteen massage points in the human body. Female masseurs also join hands with the male masseurs in making the visitors feel the soothing effect of the massage. The oil massage replenishes one's body, improves blood circulation, strengthens muscles, increases memory power, rejuvenates skin, detoxifies one's body and gives deep peaceful sleep at night.

Significance of its water:
The ambience over there is so salubrious and the river water in which the tourists take bath is said to possess some special curative powers as it flows along the way where herbal trees and plants are ubiquitous.

Trekking and Swimming

It is so exciting and challenging indeed to swim in Hogenakkal as the swimming and diving experience tests the stamina and resilience of even the hard-core swimmers to the maximum. Trekking in the hills nearby on the other hand gifts the adventurous with a visual feast and more importantly it is much easier as well. Shooting a song in Hogenakkal is a typical fashion for many movie producers as well.

Food and Clothing

One has to order beforehand to get regular meals. Fried fishe and spicy fishe are the mouth-watering food stuffs which are ubiquitous here. It is a good idea for the tourists to bring mosquito repent creams and buckle-up convenient suits. It would be a fantastic deal to enjoy a hot cup of coffee with snacks to boot.