Tourist Attractions

Krishnagiri Dam

The Krishnagiri Dam is situated 7 km form Krishnagiri across the Thenpennar which is a place of great tourism potential. The dam is sandwiched between Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri irrigating all areas on the way. It is a very good picnic spot as well.

Thai Little England

Thai Little England is around 25 kms away from Hosur in the Karnataka – Tamil Nadu border. It is amidst valleys and cliffs and has a salubrious cool climate. It has the climatic conditions resembling England hence it is called 'Little England' ever since the British rule. It is an area surrounded by mountains and hills and Denkanikottai is its Taluk headquarters built by Palayakarar in 1530 AD. The fort got obliterated in the war involving Tippu Sultan and Hyder Ali. And Venugopala Swami Temple is situated nearby it. During May every year the car festival would be conducted here. And the place would be thronged by scores and scores of devotees at that time.

Hanuman Theertham Temple

The Hanuman Theertham Temple, looking majestic on the banks of Pennaiyar, is around 10 km from Uthangarai. The Hanuman Theertham Temple and Tirtamalai are historically associated with each other. Once Hanuman was instructed by Rama to bring some water for him to perform his religious ritual but unexpectedly Hanuman could not reach in time. So Rama performed Astrapryogam and received it. So the belated Hanuman got deeply exasperated and threw the vessel containing Holy Ganges water down and the spilled water is believed to form 'Hanumantirtham.' People throng this place during the Tamil month of Aadi (July – August) as it is considered to be very sacred.

Kelevarapalli Reservoir Project (KPRP)

The KPRP Project assumed full shape in the year 1995 AD. It is around 10 kms from Hosur and 8 Kms from Karnataka. People of Hosur come here to spend their time leisurely and comfortably. And the people in the nearby states frequent this place during holidays.

Arulmigu Maragathambigai Chandra Chodeswara Temple

This temple is on NH-7 in Hosur and is visited by many of the pilgrims of Karnataka. It lies majestically on a mound across a children's park and an Observatory raised by the tourism department. And there is a guest house in its neighborhood under the control of Tamil Nadu Tourism.

Government Museum

The Government Museum has been functioning since 1993 so as to spread the historical heritage, culture, art and traditional values of Tamil Nadu and Krishnagiri district. It is located on Gandhi Salai in Krishnagiri District. It has a wide collections of monuments of historical importance. It is a center of education as well as tourism. Certain researches related to the historical value of monuments are conducted here.

Rajaji Memorial Thorapalli

In remembrance of the effervescent leader and freedom fighter Rajaji, the house in Thorapalli where Rajaji was born was converted into a memorial by the Tamil Nadu Government. It is 10 kms from Hosur near Onnalvadi. And the photos and galleries of different facets of his life are exhibited over there.

Rayakottai Hill Fort

The Rayakottah Hill Fort forms the periphery of Palghat Plateau and is 30 km away from Hosur. It was the vantage point for the British soldiers who stayed there till 1861 even after the Mysore Wars. The ramparts and the bastions of the fort still remain undestroyed.It is supposed to be a protected monument.


It is 19 kms from Krishnagiri and 4 kms from Samalpallam. Samalpallam is situated on NH 7 in Banglore Road. The religious cult of the forefathers was worshipped by the Megalithic people of the ancient period. There are 3 types of monuments in Krishnagiri district namely Cairn Circle, Dolmen and Urn burials. There are over 100 Dolmens in Mallachandram in the Moral Pari. And more interestingly, around 4 Types of dolmens are found in the same place.